Sophos Cloud - How to re-register a Mac if it has been deleted

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  • Updated: 05 Sep 2014

Following the deletion of a Mac computer, the following issues will be seen when trying to re-register the Mac:

  • The computer cannot be registered with the Cloud and will not appear as a managed Computer.
  • Sophos Anti-Virus cannot be removed to allow a fresh install due to a changed Tamper Protection password. The following error will appear in the Install.log following three incorrect attempts to enter the password:

    Remove Sophos Anti-Virus[4141]: [SMERemoveAppDelegate.m:547] unsuccessful attempt to uninstall with tamper protection password.

First seen in

Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint

Operating systems
Mac OS X

When the Sophos Installer is re-run over the top of an existing install, it is seen as an upgrade and not a fresh install as all the registration has already been performed. The following message will appear in Install.log:

Upgrading the "saas" product.

As the computer has been deleted in the Cloud interface, the Mac cannot communicate using the existing registration information.

If Tamper Protection is enabled, the password may have been changed since the computer was last managed and the old password is not known. In this case Sophos cannot be removed to allow the install to be seen as a fresh install.

What To Do

  1. Open Keychain Access, located in /Applications/Utilities.
  2. Select the Sophos Keychain and choose the Category All Items
  3. Delete the two Sophos Keychain entries:

    Primary Server
    Sophos Cloud Credentials

  4. To perform a new registration open Activity Monitor, also located in /Applications/Utilities.
  5. Highlight the process SophosMcsAgentD
  6. Choose the icon to Kill the process. It will restart automatically with a new PID.

The Mac will now perform the registration and appear as managed.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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