EML files written to the root of the system drive on Exchange 2013 Client Access (CAS) Servers

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  • Updated: 02 Apr 2014


When PureMessage is installed on an Exchange 2013 Client Access (CAS) Server, EML files are written to the root of the system drive, by default this is C:\.

A typical file has the below properties:

File name: {DB35E454-E864-40fa-A27F-81AD8EE319F4}.eml

File contents:

X-Sender: <>
X-Receiver: PureMessage.Trigger@95B5EF1C.A6B4.483e.B662.9BF25F4DB9E7
To: PureMessage
From: PureMessage
Subject: Trigger
PureMessage trigger message sent by MailSending.dll

First seen in

PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange 4.0


Client Access Servers do not have the Exchange Replay directory which is required by PureMessage.

What To Do

PureMessage is not supported on Exchange 2013 Client Access (CAS) servers and must be uninstalled. The PureMessage startup guide will be updated to include this information.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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