Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux and Unix: Platforms and Packages

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  • Updated: 19 Dec 2013

This article describes which Sophos Anti-Virus package or installer should be used for each supported platform.  Included are the package name for Sophos Update Manager subscriptions (within Enterprise Console) and also the installer filename for downloads from

Operating systems
Linux / UNIX

Platforms & Packages


Sophos Update Manager Package Standalone Installer
Managed Linux & UNIX (SAV7 / SAV9) Unmanaged UNIX & Netware (SAV4) SAV9 SAV7 SAV4
Linux on Intel Linux SAV Linux (Lic6-glibc2.2) sav-linux-9-i386.tgz sav-linux-7-i386.tgz
Linux on AMD64 Linux SAV Linux (AMD64) sav-linux-9-i386.tgz sav-linux-7-i386.tgz linux.amd64.glibc.2.3.tar.Z
Linux on Itanium N/A SAV Linux (IA64) N/A  N/A linux.ia64.glibc.2.2.tar.Z
AIX 5.3 TL8+/6.1/7.1 on PPC
AIX (PowerPC) 5.3+ AIX 5.3+ on Power PC sav-aix-9-powerpc.tgz sav-aix-7-powerpc.tgz aix.5.3+.tar.Z
FreeBSD 6+ on AMD64
N/A SAV FreeBSD 6+ (AMD64) N/A  N/A freebsd.amd64.6+.tar.Z
FreeBSD 7+ on AMD64 N/A SAV FreeBSD 7+ (AMD64) N/A  N/A freebsd.amd64.7+.tar.Z
FreeBSD 8+ on AMD64 N/A SAV FreeBSD 8+ (AMD64) N/A  N/A freebsd.amd64.8+.tar.Z
FreeBSD 6+ on Intel N/A SAV FreeBSD 6+ N/A  N/A freebsd.elf.6+.tar.Z*
FreeBSD 7+ on Intel N/A SAV FreeBSD 7+ N/A  N/A freebsd.elf.7+.tar.Z
FreeBSD 8+ on Intel N/A SAV FreeBSD 8+ N/A  N/A freebsd.elf.8+.tar.Z
HP-UX 11.23+ on Itanium 2 HP-UX (IA64) 11.23+ SAV HP_UX (IA64) sav-hpux-9-ia64.tgz sav-hpux-7-ia64.tgz hpux.ia64.tar.Z
HP-UX 11.x on HP-PA N/A SAV HP_UX (HP-PA) N/A  N/A hpux.tar.Z
Solaris 9/10 on Intel
Solaris 9/10 (INTEL) SAV Solaris (Intel) sav-solaris-9-intel.tar sav-solaris-7-intel.tar
Solaris 11 on Intel Solaris 9/10 (INTEL) N/A sav-solaris-9-intel.tar sav-solaris-7-intel.tar N/A
Solaris 9/10 on SPARC Solaris 9/10 (SPARC) SAV Solaris (SPARC) sav-solaris-9-sparc.tar sav-solaris-7-sparc.tar solaris.sparc.tar.Z
Solaris 11 on SPARC Solaris 9/10 (SPARC) N/A sav-solaris-9-sparc.tar sav-solaris-7-sparc.tar N/A

Retirement Information

If you are using a version which is not listed above, the installer may be retired, or there may be a newer installer that should be used.  For more information see the software lifecycle page.

Version Comparison

Sophos recommend to use the latest version SAV 9.x.  Click here for a full version comparison

Availability & Updates

Sophos Update Manager (Sophos Enterprise Console)

Packages for all versions are available as 'Update Manager' subscriptions in Sophos Enterprise Console.  This is the recommended way to update packages as it provides reduced bandwidth consumption and centralized version control.

The unmanaged packages (SAV 4.x) can also be updated via Sophos Update Manager, although there is no central management or reporting functionality.  Sophos include a script called to update these endpoints.

Standalone Installation / Updates - SAV7 / SAV9

Standalone installers are available as a download from the secure Sophos website (a valid MySophos account is required).  During installation the product can be configured to automatically update from Sophos.

Standalone Installation / Updates - SAV4

Standalone installers are available as a download from the secure Sophos website (a valid MySophos account is required).  The product must be manually updated with the new engine versions.  To be fully protected you must also frequently download the latest virus identity files.
For more information see the startup guide

Scripted Updates - SAV4

Sophos do not include a script to update SAV4 from Sophos databanks.  

For a custom updating script, the following HTTP location can be used to download the new installation package (valid product credentials are required):<Filename>

The installer will contain the new product and virus engine.  To be fully product you must also automate the download of latest virus identity files.

Sophos do not provide any support for custom updating scripts.  Also, when using scripted methods you may miss out on notifications about upcoming package changes and retirements.  It is strongly recommend you review the monthly release notes and software lifecycle page.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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