Live Protection coming soon to the Sophos Web Appliance

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  • Updated: 18 Mar 2013

Live Protection coming soon to your Sophos Web Appliance

We’re pleased to announce an exciting new update for your Sophos Web Appliance later this year:  Live Protection.  Live Protection has seen tremendous success in our Endpoint product and later this year we’re bringing the same instant access to threat intelligence and URL data to our Web Appliances as well. 

Live Protection gives you faster, better protection.

Faster: Live Protection means you have immediate access to the latest web threat and URL category data instantly.  Every site request is checked against the latest data in the cloud, as it happens - live. 

Better: Live Protection data is stored in the cloud and updated continuously by SophosLabs around the clock, with thousands of new threats, malicious sites and newly categorized web sites added daily.  Periodic updates are a thing of the past.

Everywhere:  You have instant access to this from every Web Appliances and Web Protected Endpoint no matter where they happen to be.  If they're connected to the net, they’re connected to Live Protection.

As part of moving to Live Protection to the cloud, we’re also making some improvements to how we categorize websites.  Among other benefits, this new solution will enable a form of dynamic categorization.  Previously uncontrolled sites visited by users will become categorized, automatically including them in your web browsing policies going forward. 

These changes will be transparent and won't affect your site categories or category-based policies.  In fact, we expect the overall categorization to improve as miscategorized or uncategorized sites become cataloged correctly.  

If you’re interested in participating as a beta customer and in offering feedback directly to the product team in this important roll-out, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your participation. A limited number of participant opportunities are available.  Otherwise, we’ll contact you again closer to launch with more information on the release.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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