Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux/Unix v7: Extended Maintenance

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  • Updated: 25 Dec 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux/Unix version 7.x is now entering extended maintenance as it approaches retirement. We recommend upgrading to the latest version (9.x) as soon as possible. You can choose to upgrade at any time. 
We will start automatically upgrading customers from version 7 to version 9 from April 2013. You can opt-out of this by subscribing to the version 7 “Extended Maintenance” package. More details are below.  

Please note: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and TurboLinux 10 are not supported on Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux v9.2+.  Remain on version "7 Extended Maintenance Package"

Please see this article for more details on version 9 features and how to upgrade:


Extended Maintenance

The extended maintenance plan for version 7.x is as follows:

Date   Details
November 2012
  • Version 9.x is released
  • Version 7.x enters extended maintenance
  • The 7.x product is not updated with new features and fixes unless they are deemed critical security vulnerabilities.
  • A new "7 Extended Maintenance Recommended" package is added for Enterprise Console customers. This package should be selected if you wish to delay automatic upgrade to 9.x
  • Updated virus engine/data continue to be released on a monthly basis*
  • Talpa Binary Packs to support the latest kernels are only released with virus engine updates, and are not periodically released via automated updates.  To obtain support for the latest kernels you should upgrade to version 9.x.  Click here for a list of supported kernels.
  • Small Business customers are automatically upgraded to version 9.x
  • Enterprise console customers using "7 Recommended" subscription are automatically upgraded to version 9.x.  Select the special "7 Extended Maintenance Recommended" package to avoid this.
  • The final release of Sophos Anti-Virus version 7.x is published
December 2013
  • Version 7.x is retired
  • Standalone customers updating from Sophos are automatically upgraded to 9.x.
  • Enterprise console customers using the "7 Extended Maintenance Recommended" package will need to subscribe to a version 9 package
  • Enterprise console customers using the "7 Previous" package are automatically upgraded to version "9.x Previous"
  • Enterprise console customers using the "7 Oldest" package are automatically upgraded to version "9.x Previous"

These dates represent current plans and may be subject to change.


Subscribing to "7 Extended Maintenance Recommended" 

In order to continue using version 7.x until it reaches end of life, you must subscribe to a new package in Enterprise Console.  Select 'View > Update Managers' and edit the relevant software subscription.

This must be done for all managed Linux & UNIX packages you are currently subscribed to.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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