Compatibility issues if you use Sophos Disk Encryption with other volume based encryption applications

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  • Updated: 08 May 2012

Compatibility issues (up to and including data loss) can occur if Sophos Disk Encryption (SDE) is used in combination with a third-party volume based encryption application.

This article describes how Sophos Disk Encryption interacts with other volume based encryption applications such as Bitlocker, TrueCrypt, etc.and possible issues with this.

First seen in

Sophos Disk Encryption 5.61.0
Beta Endpoint Security and Control 10.0 (encryption)

Volume based encryption software - such as Sophos Disk Encryption - operates at a very low level in the system. Interoperability issues can occur if combinations of different volume based encryption products are enabled on the same computer. For this reason, SDE does not support a second volume based encryption application on the same computer.

Sophos Disk Encryption has a security mechanism that detects the installation of Windows Bitlocker and aborts the installation to preserve data integrity and prevent data loss.

Important: If Sophos Disk Encryption is already installed on the system, Windows Bitlocker must not be activated and used to encrypt the hard disk/partition. This is because SDE cannot prevent the activation of Windows Bitlocker and the encryption of the hard disk/partition by Windows Bitlocker, which could lead to unpredictable side effects including data loss.

Other encryption application technologies - like file based or container based encryption solutions - should not experience compatibility issues with Sophos Disk Encryption.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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