Advisory: Sophos Web Appliance 3.6.2 Upgrade causing proxy availability issues

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  • Updated: 13 Jun 2012
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Sophos Web Appliance 3.6.2 /

[Feb. 2] UPDATE: Sophos has now deployed the update to the majority of its Web Appliance customer base and the update has been verified to address this issue, which was identified as being an issue with a kernel update to the underlying O/S of the Web Appliance. Sophos is now initiating a roll out of a new update that will consolidate its hardware and virtual appliances to a single, stable version. Customers who opted to roll back their systems will be contacted by Sophos Technical Support to schedule the update to

[Jan. 27] UPDATE: Sophos has made available an update ( to a number of affected customers and it is believed the update provides a complete solution to this issue. Sophos Technical Support is currently working on verifying that the issue is no longer present on systems updated to Once verified, Sophos plans to roll out the update to a larger set of customers, including those customers who previously applied the rollback. If you are a customer who has been affected by this issue and want your appliance immediately updated to, please contact Sophos Technical Support.

[Jan. 24] UPDATE: Sophos has made available a rollback for customers continually affected by the system lockup issue. This update rolls back customer systems to the prior major release (current as of December, 2011) which immediately solves the problem. This roll back preserves all customer data and functionality with no visible changes to the system beyond console colors. Customers who have indicated interest have received the update and it will be installed automatically based on the customer’s update window or manually if the customer chooses. In parallel, the Sophos Web Appliance team is working on isolating the cause of the issue and resolving it more generally, and hopes to have a potential solution identified in the next 48 hours.

[Jan. 23] UPDATE: Sophos released an updated version ( of the Sophos Web Appliance software on Friday, Jan. 20 to customers suffering from this issue. Unfortunately some customers continue to report random freezes of their appliances. The Sophos Web Appliance team is currently working on a fix which will allow affected customers to roll back to a stable version of the system software with expectations that it will be available within the next 24-48 hours. In parallel, the Sophos Web Appliance team is investigating the root cause of the problem and potential solutions with Sophos Technical Support and a number of our affected customers.

[Jan. 20] Sophos is aware that a small number of customers who have recently upgraded their Sophos Web Appliances or Sophos Management Appliances to version 3.6.2 have experienced what appears to be their appliance freezing up randomly. We have traced the cause to a failure in the network driver software that can intermittently occur when it receives malformed packets.

Sophos has been treating this incident with high priority, and the Sophos Web Appliance team is preparing to release a hotfix that addresses the issue. The hotfix will initially be released to customers who have reported problems sometime in the next 24 hours. It will then be released to the remainder of Sophos Web Appliance customers early next week.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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