Error 1603 when reinstalling on a server running the Sophos Control Center

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  • Updated: 07 Oct 2008

When reinstalling Sophos PureMessage Small Business Edition (SBE) on a server that is running the Sophos Control Center, the error "1603 - Error initialising the quarantine database" is displayed. The installation then rolls back.

This can happen when information from an earlier installation of Sophos PureMessage SBE remains in the SQL Server database.

What to do

Note: Sophos PureMessage SBE uses the same database as the Sophos Control Center. Removing the whole database will damage the Sophos Control Center. These notes describe the manual removal of the PureMessage components only. If these instructions are not followed correctly, the SQL Server database may be damaged. A complete reinstallation of Sophos Small Business Suite, including the Sophos Control Center, will then be necessary.

  1. Stop the MSSQL$SOPHOS service.
  2. Browse to the folder:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$SOPHOS\Data
  3. Rename the following files:
    • 'SavexQuar.mdf' to 'SavexQuar.mdfold'
    • 'SavexQuar_log.LDF' to 'SavexQuar_log.LDFold'
  4. Start the MSSQL$SOPHOS service.
  5. Install Sophos PureMessage SBE.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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