After upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.0 your "Application Control" policy is empty

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  • Updated: 14 Jan 2013


After upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.0 from a previous version, e.g. Enterprise Console 4.7, the list of applications in your Application Control policy is empty.

This is a known issue which has been assigned DEF77867.  

NOTE: Fresh installations are not affected by this issue.

First seen in

Enterprise Console 5.0.0

Fixed in
Enterprise Console 5.0.0 - Build H4 released on 19th December 2011 


The optimization logic in the management service (mgnsvc.exe) for when to import application control data is to compare the timestamp of the vvf.xml file on disk with that of the timestamp in the SOPHOS50 database.  If these are the same the management service does not import the data.

The problem exists if the VVF.xml file on disk was already up to date prior to the upgrade to Enterprise Console 5.0. In this case it will be re-used after installation. As the file was not updated, the management service does not import the data.

What To Do

To force a re-import of the data, perform the following steps on the Enterprise Console database:

  1. As an administrator run the following command:

    SQLCMD.exe -E -S .\SOPHOS -d SOPHOS50 -Q "DELETE FROM dbo.LatestData WHERE DataSource='Settings/SupplementalDataFileManifest'"

    NOTE: This is a one line command.  It assumes in this example that you are using a local SOPHOS named SQL instance.

  2. In Enterprise Console, switch to the Update Managers view and initiate an 'Update now' action on the SUM installed on the management server.

  3. Once the SUM update has completed, confirm that the list of applications is now available in the "Application control" policy.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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