Sophos Update Manager: error 80040424 returned during installation

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  • Updated: 11 Mar 2013


The following error code is seen in the Update Manager Details panel, under the title 'Outstanding errors and alerts'.

Migration failed. Previous updating settings could not be migrated.

Typically this error is seen if you have an existing EM Library installation and you are installing an instance of Sophos Update Manager. That can happen either as part of an installation of Enterprise Copnsole 4.0 onto a machine that is currently running EM Library, or when adding a remoteSophos Update Manager (SUM) to a machine that has EM Library installed.

PLEASE NOTE: EM Library has now reached its end of life, so upgrading from SEC 3.x and EM Library to SEC4.x should have been completed by now. So this error should not be seen in the future.

Technical background
If you are currently using EM Library to fetch downloads of products from Sophos, and you install Enterprise Console 4.0 onto that machine, then Enterprise Console 4.0 will install a new application called Sophos Update Manager that replaces EM Library.

As part of the replacement process, the installation of Enterprise Console and Sophos Update Manager will attempt to read the configuration of EM Library, and set up Sophos Update Manager automatically so that it fetches the same set of downloads from Sophos. This automatic configuration process is termed ‘the migration of update settings’.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Update Manager
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Operating systems
Supported operating systems

What To Do

There are a number of reasons why the migration from EM library to Sophos Update Manager might fail.

When a migration has been attempted, a migration report is produced. In the first instance, you should check the migration report to see if that gives a reason for the failed migration. In some circumstances it is possible to correct the situation and re-try the migration.

To view the migration report:

  1. In Enterprise Console go to Update Managers view.
  2. Select the computer with the update manager whose migration report you want to view, right-click and then click View Migration Report.

    For further information about migration reports, refer to section 6 of the Upgrade Guide.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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