A list of Bugfixes in SafeGuard LAN Crypt version 3.61

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  • Updated: 22 Jul 2010
The following Bugs have been fixed in SafeGuard LAN Crypt version 3.61:
  • Several security improvements.
  • Fixed errors in LDAP certificate assignment.
  • Fixed errors in LDAP synchronization and import if an LDAP referral occurred.
  • LDAP synchronization failed after a user was deleted in AD.
  • LDAP import was not correct if the user attributes contained Unicode characters.
  • LDAP import and synchronization did not store comment.
  • Port number for LDAP certificate assignment is determined from server configuration.
  • Clear Profile now creates an empty profile which can be loaded by the SafeGuard LAN Crypt client.
  • Fixed multiple selections of users and log settings.
  • In some situations, if more than one SO was logged on via the scripting API, it happened that existing keys got corrupted, new keys were created with invalid values, or generated client profiles contained an invalid key algorithm.
  • Profile creation failed in some situations when the region prefix was set to 4 characters and the user name had at least 8 characters.
  • Certificates are now also validated if imported via certificate assignment wizard.
  • Fixed a MAC error.
  • Integrity check for logging database fixed.
  • Fixed some errors where the registry hive used for profile creation was not unloaded.
  • Fixed an application fault in the group policy object if the language was set to French.
  • Fixed several application faults in the administration console.
  • Fixed add/remove columns functionality provided by MMC.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Predefined password file for newly created certificates could not be used if it was in Unicode.
  • Group names containing backslashes and other special characters resulted in corrupt client profiles.
  • Encryption rules were not editable if they were created in a group which had a name longer than 64 characters.>
  • Support for Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider.

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