Sophos licenses and which components are included with each

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This article lists the available Sophos licenses and which components are included with each.  For more information and to discuss your security requirements contact our Sales team. To purchase see our How to buy page.

Note: The license description in the Software Subscription window in the Update managers view displays the 'previously called' product name, as shown in the table linked below.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

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Which type of Sophos license do you have, Small business or Enterprise?

Sophos licenses fall into two main groups, those applying to Enterprise category businesses and those that apply to small businesses. Small business licenses are often referred to as Business, Small business, or SBE licenses. If the name of your license includes any of these terms, then you know it is a small business license, if it does not, then it is an enterprise license.

According to which license you have bought, different components and packages will be available to you. The following Sophos licenses are available, and fall into one of these two groups:

Small business licenses, 
these include the term 'Business', 'Small business' or 'SBE' in their name
All other licenses fall into the 'Enterprise' category, i.e. non-small business , examples include:
Sophos Anti-Virus - Small Business Edition (SBE) Endpoint Protection - Advanced and variants on this name
Sophos Anti-Virus - Business
Data Protection Suite
Sophos Endpoint Protection - Business
Web Protection Suite
Sophos Computer Security - Small Business Edition (SBE) Complete Security Suite
Sophos Security Suite - Small Business Edition (SBE)


Which license includes which product features?

Click the link below to see which license includes the features you require.

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