SafeGuard Enterprise Local Self Help (LSH) is not working on managed clients

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  • Updated: 17 Jun 2011

SafeGuard Enterprise Local Self Help (LSH) does not work if the token or fingerprint option is available.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption 5.50

Operating System
All supported Operating System versions

What To Do

For all versions before SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60, the Local Self Help option (LSH); the Recovery option in the POA, will never be shown if the user who is logged on to the POA has the option to log on with a token or via fingerprint. LSH only works if the user logs on to the POA with user ID and password.

However, as of version 5.60, LSH will also be available when using other authentication methods.

  • UID/Pw => LSH allowed
  • Crypto Token => LSH not allowed
  • Token + UID/Pw => LSH allowed
  • Fingerprint + UID/Pw => LSH allowed

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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