SafeGuard PrivateDisk: SafeGuard Enterprise Data Exchange keys can be used with SGPD Portable 2.50

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  • Updated: 15 Jul 2014

SafeGuard Enterprise Data Exchange key can be used with SafeGuard PrivateDisk Portable 2.50

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
SafeGuard PrivateDisk, 2.50

Operating System
All supported Operating Systems

What To Do

Since version 2.30, SafeGuard PrivateDisk has utilized keys from the SafeGuard Enterprise keyring to create and open PrivateDisk virtual volumes. The prerequisite for this is that SafeGuard Enterprise and SafeGuard PrivateDisk are installed on the same client.

With SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.50 the keys can now be used with SafeGuard PrivateDisk Portable to gain read access to PCs where no SafeGuard software is installed.

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