Aurora Malware Removal Tool: How to install and run the tool

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  • Updated: 19 Jun 2014

How to install and run the malware removal tool on a single computer

  1. Download the file Aurora Malware Removal Tool.msi and save it to a convenient location on your computer, e.g. your Desktop.
  2. Double-click the icon and work through the installation wizard. After you have clicked 'Finish' a shortcut is placed on your Desktop.
  3. You have 3 options for running the tool:
    • The installation GUI allows you to run it immediately.
    • You can run the GUI version by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
    • There is a command line version which can be found in Program Files\Sophos\Sophos pcclie-i Cleanup Tool\cli.exe
      NOTE: You may prefer to run the tool when your computer is not busy with other tasks.
  4. When you open the GUI version of the tool, it displays the 'Sophos Cleanup Tool' window.
    It displays the name and location of the log file it is creating.
  5. Click 'Start Scan' and it will scan the predefined areas for malware. If it finds any malware it will automatically remove it following the scan.
    The software will prompt you if a reboot is required following malware removal.

Uninstalling the tool

Following use, you can remove the tool using Windows Add/Remove programs.

What malware does the Sophos Cleanup tool remove?

Details of the specific pieces of malware that this tool will remove are listed on the Sophos Website as follows:

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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