Disk is not formatted

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  • Updated: 01 Oct 2010

SafeGuard PrivateDisk Enterprise Edition 2.30.2

Client OS

Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP1 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP3

Server OS



What causes a normal user to get the message "Disk is not formatted"?


The problem is that a normal user don't have administration rights to format his volume, because in the current version of SafeGuard PrivateDisk was the "Background Initialization" enabled and this policy was blocked the background formated.


1. Workaround.

In the current version of SafeGuard PrivateDisk the Background Initialization is selected „Not configured“ but this policy was enabled. Please disable the Background Initialization and create a new volume file after you have restart the client system.

2. Workround)
Change the selected policy in the Domain or on the local system.

Please restarted your client system so that the policy was active.

This problem was fixed and is available in the next version of SafeGuard PrivateDisk which is plan for Q3/2009

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