GetFiles message box and pcrypt.exe

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  • Updated: 01 Oct 2010

SafeGuard PrivateCrypto 2.30.0.x

Client OS

Windows XP SP1 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP3

Server OS

Windows 2003, Windows 2003 SP1, Windows 2003 SP2


Why do I receive the message below if I am using the pcrypt.exe from a script or command line?


In the current pcrypt.exe, a string for debugging was not uncommented and therefore the GetFiles message box appears.

Please browse the SafeGuard PrivateCrypto folder and rename the pcrypt.exe to pcrypto.exe.old. After that, copy the attached new pcrypt.exe into the PrivateCrypto folder.

This small bug will be fixed in the next version of SafeGuard PrivateCrypto.

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