What is the cause of policies showing up double in the GPO?

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  • Updated: 01 Oct 2010

SafeGuard PrivateDisk Enterprise Edition 2.30.2

Client OS

Windows XP SP1 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition, Windows XP SP3

Server OS

Windows 2003, Windows 2003 SP1, Windows 2003 SP2


What is the cause of policies showing up double in the GPO?

For example: You can see all policies as double entries on the right side!

figure 1.



After installing Removable Media 2.00, you can find a new SGuard.adm file in the adm folder.

If you import the new SGuard.adm file, you get double entries for the PrivateDisk policies because the SGPD_e.adm and the SGuard.adm file now have the same policy settings of PrivateDisk after installing SafeGuard RemovableMedia.

Please note:
The SGRM polices are only in the SGuard.adm but also include the PrivateDisk policies. The SP_e.adm contains only PrivateDisk policies.



Please open gpedit.msc and open "Add/Remove Templates".
Delete the SGPD_e and the double entries will be deleted.

Figure 3.

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