Error message before Windows logon after uninstalling CSS 8.1 on a Lenovo system

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  • Updated: 19 Jun 2009

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.4x

Client OS

Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

Server OS



After uninstalling CSS 8.1 on a Lenovo system, the following error message will appear prior to Windows logon:
"User Interface Failure" - "The Logon User Interface DLL SGGINA.DLL failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL"


This issue only occurs after the following installation scenario:

1) Install Lenovo Fingerprint Software
2) Configure the fingerprint function for logging on to Windows
3) Install Lenovo Client Security Solution (CSS)
4) Configure CSS logon interface for logging on to Windows
5) Install SafeGuard Easy with the machine binding feature
6) Uninstall CSS

Note: Installing SGE’s machine binding feature is possible only if CSS is installed!

The SGE machine binding feature uses a CSS mechanism to communicate with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM chip). During uninstall of CSS this mechanism is removed, SGE can no longer verify the machine binding, and thus blocks user logon.


Boot the system to Windows "Safe Mode" and install the following registry patch:

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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