SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration: the buttons in the the user properties window are grayed-out

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  • Updated: 18 Oct 2010

When you log in as Security Officer and you open the user properties window of the User Certificates, on the 'Certificates' tab, all the buttons are grayed-out.

This is a known issue which has been fixed in SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration version

We recommend you install the latest version of SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration, however if you are not ready to do this, the following workaround is available.

SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration version

Client OS

Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

What to do

  1. In SafeGuard LAN Crypt Administration, select Properties.

  2. On the "User Settings" tab enable 'Show "Selected users and certificates"'. Press Apply and OK.
  3. Restart the SGLC Admin.
  4. Login with the SO User and open "Central Settings". A new option is now displayed "Selected users and certificates", select this.
  5. A new window opens where you can choose which users should be displayed. You now have access to all buttons.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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