After standby, no login is possible when using SafeGuard Easy and Aladdin RTE 3.65

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

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Why does a login prompt not appear after resuming from standby?


There is a known issue concerning the interaction of SafeGuard Easy and Aladdin RuntimeEnvironment (RTE) 3.65 which can be described as follows:

After resuming from standby, no login is possible because the system does not prompt for the token PIN. Using RTE 3.60 this behaviour has not been observed.

Due to the fact that the latest Aladdin eToken does not work with RTE 3.60, you must implement the Aladdin PKI Client 4.0 instead. With this version of the Aladdin software, standby functions properly once again.

Please note: When implementing the Aladdin PKI Client 4.0, the option to centrally manage the tokens via the local GPO is no longer possible. We recommend a mixed environment: All users who require the standby mode should utilize Aladdin PKI Client 4.0 and on the machines where tokens are supposed to be managed, RTE 3.65 should be installed.

Please read the knowledge base article 108023 before utilizing Aladdin PKI Client 4.0 with SafeGuard Easy.

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