After installation of SafeGuard Easy a logon delay to Windows occurred

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  • Updated: 23 Jun 2010

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform versions prior to

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

Server OS

Windows 2003 Standard Edition


After installation of SafeGuard Easy a logon delay to Windows occurred. The logon process seems to be stuck at "Applying computer settings".

The logon process now actually takes about 60 minutes. This only occurs on some machines in the environment. More concrete, only on those that use a network based logon and the Secure Auto Logon feature from SafeGuard Easy.


The root cause of the problem resides in the winlogon process. We worked in close cooperation with the Microsoft support to make a solution available for an upcoming version of SafeGuard Easy. If your machines are affected by this problem, please upgrade your SafeGuard Easy version to

Possible workarounds that could be pointed out for versions <

- Disable the SafeGuard GINA

- Use the "Windows XP style" theme, instead of the classic theme

- Disable Secure Automatic Logon

- Disable the SgLogPlayer Service

- Forced delay when handing over credentials form SAL to the Windows GINA - Please check SGI 108176 (restricted area) for further information.

This issue was fixed within SafeGuard Easy!

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