SafeGuard RemovableMedia Portable shows all files as being unencrypted

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  • Updated: 01 Dec 2014


On a system that has SafeGuard RemovableMedia installed, the portable version shows all files as being unencrypted.

First seen in

SafeGuard RemovableMedia

Operating systems
Windows XP SP2


Due to the fact that SafeGuard RemovableMedia and SafeGuard Portable for RemovableMedia use different ways to check the encryption status of a file, Portable might not show the correct encryption status

What To Do

To circumvent this behavior, use SafeGuard RemovableMedia Portable on a system that does not have RemovableMedia installed.

Below, you can see the difference when using Portable on a stick that is plugged to a system that has RemovableMedia installed (screenshot 1) and one that doesn't (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 

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