Overlay icons are not displayed correct in the explorer

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  • Updated: 01 Jul 2009

SafeGuard Removable Media 2.0

Client OS

Windows XP SP2

Server OS



Although files are encrypted with SafeGuard RemovableMedia no overlay icon is displayed in the Windows explorer.

How to solve this issue?


Due to update delays within Windows it might be that the overlay icons will not be displayed correctly.

Simply close and reopen the Windows explorer to refresh this view. Under special circumstances it might be enough just to press F5.

The color of the icon will the display the encryption status:

Green key: The key is in the user key ring and can be accessed
Red key: The key is not in the user key ring and the file can not be read

Files that do not have a key symbol are not encrypted.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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