What is the CSADM?

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

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What is the CSADM?


The CryptoServer Administration Tool (CSADM) is a command line utility designed for being called from the command line or in a batch file. It offers functions either to execute commands on the CryptoServer (addressing the boot loader, administration module or CMDS module) or the CryptoServer LAN. In addition it contains utility functions which will be processed without a connection to a CryptoServer (e. g. preparing of firmware modules).

The following requirements have to be made for the CSADM:

- no special requirements as far as memory and CPU performance is concerned.
- network interface card to access CryptoServer LAN
-one free serial port to connect the PIN-Pad (smart card reader with keyboard and display).

PC-Software (Operating System):
- Windows NT, Windows 2000, Winows XP, Windows 2003
- Linux.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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