How to reset the CryptoServer if a alarm occured?

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

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How to reset the CryptoServer if a alarm occured?


If an alarm occurs on the CryptoServer, the local Master Key KCS2 and other data will be erased and an entry into the log file ‘alarm.log’ will be made. The occurrence of the alarm will be stored as a special alarm state.
Even if the physical reason for an alarm has been removed (e. g. a low battery was changed), the alarm state is still active and has to be manually reset by the user:
Except for GetState no other CryptoServer command can be executed until the BLResetAlarm command has been executed successfully.
If the reason for the alarm is still pending (e. g. foil is still broken), any attempt to reset the alarm state will cause the automatic execution of a reset of the CryptoServer (in the same way the Reset command does).

To reset the Alarm execute the following command:
csadm Dev="Cryptoserver" InitPrvKey="KeyFile" BLResetAlarm
csadm Dev= InitPrvKey=InitPrvKey=c:\keys\init_prv.key BLResetAlarm

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