SGE1161 when trying to modify a change file

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

Server OS



When loading the Change file as "base configuration" to modify the file afterwards, the error message "SGE1161: The type of the configuration file is not valid" appears. Is it possible to modify a change file after it was created?


It is not possible to use a configuration file of the type "change" as base configuration. Also, modifying a change file or loading it as base configuration file to modify it afterwards is not possible.

Note about the "Change" file type with the base configuration file:

If you click [Save] you are prompted to confirm that you want to replace the existing base configuration file. If you do so, by clicking [Yes], all the changes will be written to the existing base configuration file. Here we recommend that you create a new base configuration file, so that you can retain your original base configuration file.

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