How to make a bootable BartPE CD with SGE drivers

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  • Updated: 10 May 2011

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows XP SP3

Server OS

Windows 2003With the versions SafeGuard Easy 4.2.x and above it is possible to boot from CD/DVD after logging on in the PBA (for more information see SGI 107080 "Boot after PBA with other media than floppy disk"). It is now possible to create a Windows XP based boot CD that includes a kind of SGE runtime system. This system, if booted from within the PBA and not from BIOS, has full access to all encrypted hard drives.

Currently there is one possible scenario how to create a Windows XP based Boot-CD.

- Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) v3.1.3

BartPE has been developed by a private person. It is not actually a ready-to-use solution as WindowsPE is, but it is a kind of setup program (BartPE Builder) that will create BartPE using either an existing Windows installation or Windows Installation CD. It requires a licensed version of Windows XP, it's available for nearly everybody.

BartPE cannot be used with Win2000.
For more information on BartPE visit the BartPE website:

1) Extract the file from the SafeGuard Easy product CD (\Tools\SGE-Bart-PE)

2) Copy the extracted folder 'SGEasy' into the 'plugin' folder
you should then have a folder like \pebuilder\plugin\SGEasy

3) Run PE Builder
You don't have to make any changes specific to SGE here.
Just make sure that your Windows installation files are available (e.g. under C:\i386 )

You can verify that the SGE Plugin has been registered by selecting the
'Plugins' button and then browse for SafeGuard Easy Runtime System

4) Burn the CD/DVD image

Benefit: The CD/DVD can be used to boot a full blown version of BartPE that has access to all encrypted local drives.

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