Error messages SGE1089 and SGE1304

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition, Windows 2000 Professional

Server OS



What could cause the error messages SGE1089 and SGE1304?


During the installation some preparations are made by SafeGuard Easy in order to complete the process after/during the reboot of the system.

One point is that the kernel must be written to the harddisk. Therefore, there must be an entry in the registry as far as the installation process in the operating system has finished. This entry will be used by the computer to start a process which will create the kernel during the reboot.

Path to the registry:


The following entry must exist in this key as Multi-String Value:

autocheck autochk *

This must be verified after the installation process BUT before the reboot of the system to complete the installation!

The existence of the mentioned entry is required for the installation to finish properly! Possible reasons for this to fail could be caused by software deployment tools (e.g. NetInstall, Tivoli, SMS, etc.) or just other products which also create entries in this registry key.

You can use this reg file to add the key if it is not existing (please rename to .reg before using).

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