SGE Pre-Boot Authentication still appears (after formatting the hard disk of a SafeGuard Easy encrypted system).

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  • Updated: 27 Jun 2009

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP

Server OS

Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Standard Edition
Alternatively, you can use a Windows 98 boot disk and launch the command "fdisk /mbr". After that the PBA will not show up anymore. However, this is not recommended for NT-based operating systems.

keyword: fixmbr mbr sge


After formatting the hard disk of a SafeGuard Easy encrypted System the Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) still appears. How do I get rid of the PBA now?


1. Boot the system using your operating-system installation CD.
2. When the “Welcome to Setup” screen appears, press “R” to repair using the Recovery console*.
3. Choose the Windows installation you want logon to.
4. Enter the appropriate Administrator password.
5. When the command line “c:\windows” appears, enter the command “fixmbr” and press enter.
6. Confirm you want to write a new MBR.
7. Reboot the machine.

Now the system should start without displaying the SafeGuard Easy PBA.

*To start the Windows 2000 Recovery console a 2nd step is necessary. Press "C" to start the console.

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