Purpose of Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)

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  • Updated: 08 Jun 2010

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows 2000, Windows XP


What does Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) do ?


Pre-Boot Authentication is a logon function that requires the user to authenticate himself before the boot process will start. Booting up the operating system without valid SafeGuard Easy logon data is not possible.

To prevent unauthorized access, invalid logins cause rapidly increasing response delays in the PBA screen. The mathematical formula for this delay is n³ (n to the power of 3).

- 1. false login leads to 1 second delay
- 2. false login leads to 8 seconds delay
- 3. false login leads to 27 seconds delay
- 4. false login leads to 64 seconds delay...

Please be aware, that a reboot or a shutdown count as an additional false login.

For security reasons, you should never deactivate the Pre-Boot Authentication !

For more information about Pre-Boot Authentication, please read "System Boot and Logon" in the SafeGuard Easy manual.

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