Unable to open SafeGuard PrivateCrypto archives

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  • Updated: 25 Jun 2009

SafeGuard PrivateCrypto 2.x

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP

Server OS



I have used SafeGuard PrivateCrypto for some time and never had any problem with it. Suddenly, my PrivateCrypto Archives can no longer be opened.


The archives from SafeGuard PrivateCrypto normally use the extension *.uti.

In the Windows explorer, select -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types. Scroll down until you see the *.uti extension. Make sure that the program which should be used for opening *.UTI files is SafeGuard Private Crypto.

http://sophserv.sophos.com/repo_kb/106407/image/106407-UTI file associoation.jpg

Some programs, for example Spybot, also use files with a *.UTI extension. Below screenshot are an example for incorrect file association:

http://sophserv.sophos.com/repo_kb/106407/image/106407-UTI files before installation of Spybot.jpghttp://sophserv.sophos.com/repo_kb/106407/image/106407-UTI files after installation of Spybot.jpg

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