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  • Updated: 06 May 2014

In most cases, Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition (SBE) will automatically install Sophos Anti-Virus on all Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 computers on the network. Occasionally, it will be necessary to do this manually.

Sophos Anti-Virus must be installed manually on Windows 98, Windows Me and Macintosh OS X computers.

What to do

To obtain a list of computers that need to be installed manually, in the Sophos Control Center:

  • Click 'Protect new computers'.
  • Click 'Next', and enter the username and password of the account you use for accessing the Sophos Control Center.
  • Click 'Next'. This will display a list of computers that can be protected automatically.
  • Click 'Next'. This will display a list of computers that must be protected manually.
  • You can choose to print or save this list.

Windows computers

At the computer to be installed,

  • browse to \\<servername>\Sophos\ES9X on the Sophos Anti-Virus SBE server
  • double-click 'setup.exe'.

Do not manually install computers from any other copy of setup.exe on your server. Such installations will not be correctly configured.

The address above is for Windows 98/Me. On Windows 2000/XP/2003 the address will be \\<servername>\SOPHOS\SAVSCFXP.< P>

Mac OS X computers

At the computer to be installed,

  • mount the Sophos share point (by default, smb://<servername>/Sophos)
  • browse to the ESOSX folder
  • run the file 'Sophos Anti-Virus.mpkg'
  • when asked, enter an administrator username and password
  • install Sophos Anti-Virus.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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