Installing from the Sophos CD

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  • Updated: 23 Mar 2004

Sophos Anti-Virus for OpenVMS is supplied in the OPENVMS directory on the CD in two forms: as a Zip file VSWEEP.ZIP and as an OpenVMS saveset VSWEEP.BCK.

What to do

Make an installation using the CD drive of a personal computer connected via Pathworks/Advanced Server to your OpenVMS system, or using the CD drive of an OpenVMS system that supports ISO 9660 format CDs.

  • The Zip file should be copied to the server and unzipped using an OpenVMS decompression utility such as InfoZip's Unzip.
  • The saveset must be unpacked using the command procedure VSWREST.CMD after being copied to the server.

If Sophos Anti-Virus for OpenVMS is to be used for central virus reporting (as an InterCheck server), the procedure IC_INSTALL.COM must be run after installation.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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