Sophos Anti-Virus for NetWare: Excluding files from scanning

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  • Updated: 12 May 2014

Exclusion handling for Sophos Anti-Virus for NetWare from version 3.74 onward has been enhanced. The exclusions will apply to real-time, scheduled and immediate scanning.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Anti-Virus for NetWare

In the Administration|Exclusion section of the Sophos Anti-Virus console screen, you can now specify files and subdirectories for exclusion from scanning using the wildcards ? and *, and the recursion operator >. For example:

Excluding files by name
SYS:/MIKE/NEW excludes a file named NEW with this exact path and all files in the directory NEW (but not in any subdirectories)
MIKE/NEW excludes all files, in whatever volume, whose paths end with MIKE/NEW (e.g. the file SYS:/DATA/USER/MIKE/NEW/MEMO.PDF will be excluded from scanning)
Using '?'
'?' substitutes for one character only, e.g.
???.PDF excludes all files with names three characters in length and a PDF file extension. Files with a name longer than three characters will be scanned.
SYS:/MIKE/B??A excludes all files whose names match B??A in the SYS:/MIKE directory
Using wildcards '*'
'*' substitutes for one or more characters, e.g.
SYS:/MIKE/BETA/*.* excludes all files in the directory SYS:/MIKE/BETA
Wildcards can be used in volume names, e.g.:
*:/MIKE/*.* excludes all files in a folder /MIKE on all volumes
The recursion operator '>'
'>' extends searching to directories below the current one, e.g.
>SYS:/MIKE/summary.pdf excludes all files called summary.pdf from the folder MIKE and all subfolders contained within MIKE
When you use the recursion operator, the last part of the path is always considered to be a filename, not a directory. For example:
>SYS:/MIKE/INFO excludes all files called INFO from the folder MIKE and all subfolders contained within MIKE
Combining exclusion methods
Wildcards may be used in conjunction with the recursion operator, for example:
>SYS:/SYS/MIKE/*.* excludes all files from being scanned in the folder MIKE and all subfolders
SYS:/MIKE/B??A/*.* excludes all files in all directories that match SYS:/MIKE/B??A
data??:/xxx/*.* excludes all files in a folder /xxx on all volumes with names like data21, data34 etc

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