The A-Z of computer and data security threats

Everyone knows about computer viruses. Or at least they think they do.

To protect against malware and data loss, first you have to know what you’re up against. The more you know about individual threats, the better prepared you’ll be to defend against them.

This guide is written in plain language, not security jargon. So it’s perfect for IT managers and end users alike. Whether you're an IT professional, use a computer at work, or just browse the Internet, our Threatsaurus is for you.

Here’s what you get:

  • An A-Z glossary on computer and data security threats
  • Practical tips to stay safe from email scams, identity theft, malware and other threats
  • Our security software and hardware guide

Download PDF

Online Threatsaurus in our Threat Center

In addition to downloading the PDF, you can also choose to look up threats by name in our online version of the Threatsaurus.

It's located in our Threat Center, which our SophosLabs experts update regularly to identify and analyze new malware.