Sophos vs Symantec, McAfee,
Kaspersky & Trend Micro

Independent endpoint product comparisons rank us ahead

Endpoint Buyers Guide

Independent test results and research shows that we consistently outperform enterprise security vendors Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, and Trend Micro. Now with Sophos Cloud, we deliver the same protection, performance, and simplicity with the choice of deployment:

  • On-premise management: our flagship Endpoint Protection managed by Sophos Enterprise console
  • UTM managed: centrally manage your Windows endpoint protection alongside your network security
  • Cloud-managed: instant deployment of a subscription-based, flexible and cost-effective solution

Our Endpoint Buyers Guide can help you evaluate the top endpoint protection products. This comprehensive collection of reports and research will help you:

  • Create a primary features checklist to size up product capabilities
  • Ask the right questions to identify vendors that meet your requirements
  • See how the top solutions rate

Endpoint Review

Endpoint Buyers Guide

Effective protection

Gartner rates us as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. We believe we’re a Leader because our protection covers end users, wherever they are and whatever devices they use. We continue to advance endpoint protection—from integrating UTM and endpoint into a single console, to offering mobile device management (MDM) and endpoint as a single, per-user license, deployed on-premise or as a cloud managed service.

In addition, Forrester research recognizes us as a leader in its Forrester Wave. The recognition for Sophos includes:

  • Top ranking for enterprise presence, cost and licensing model strategy, and license partner market presence
  • Our “antimalware product has one of the best malware detection rates on the market today and is well-reviewed in third-party studies.”
  • Recommended for “organizations that need to strengthen their endpoint protection, as well as those that have a sizable consumer endpoint population.”
  • Lauded for support for mobile device management and Macs

Info-Tech Research Group ranks us a champion for the last three years. In its Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Anti-Malware report (trial membership required), Info-Tech recognizes that we continue to enhance our strategy of complete security, have a strong market presence, and are trendsetters in the industry. Further, we:

  • Offer a leading solution that delivers benefits to any organization including small to midsized businesses
  • Receive the highest scores for most evaluation criteria and have the most robust product feature set of the vendors evaluated at an attractive price point
  • Offer exemplary channel strategies

InfoTech Comparison

Better performance

It is important that your endpoint protection doesn’t come at the expense of your users’ productivity. As you can see below, McAfee and Trend Micro scored at the bottom of the scale, far below the performance of Sophos.

  • Test results ranked us as a #1 vendor for lowest system impact. Sophos received a “very fast” rating across all categories including file copying, archiving/unarchiving, installing/uninstalling applications, encoding/transcoding, launching applications and downloading files.
  • Another area of testing is to discover whether a product loads all of its protection modules before malware is executed.  Sophos Endpoint Antivirus 10.2 successfully detected and blocked malware before its execution after system start-up. Many competitor products allow malware to successfully execute and then detect it after it is too late.

AV Comparison

Read the full blog article or download the AV Comparatives report

Easier to use

The best protection is the one you use.  At Sophos we believe you should be able to access what you need in three clicks. Below shows the number of clicks needed to accomplish common tasks for Sophos Endpoint Protection compared to our closest competitor.

Enterprise Review

As a result, Sophos customers are more likely to enable protection features. For example, enabling Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) takes just one click, and SophosLabs is constantly surveying the threats landscape to optimize its effectiveness.  The result? Over 80% of our customers take advantage of this protection capability.

Another usability test from Enex TestLabs tested endpoint security products from an administrator’s points of view. According to this report, "Sophos provides protection without increasing complexity and without hindering integration or usability of its product."

With Sophos Cloud, we’ve further simplified security. Try it now and see for yourself.

Better support

Of the five vendors compared in our Endpoint Buyers Guide, only Sophos Technical Support is independently audited and approved by SCP (Service Capability & Performance Support Standard). The SCP Standards quantify the effectiveness of customer service and support based upon a set of performance standards representing best practices in the industry. Our 24/7, follow-the-sun support operations in the U.S., UK, Western Europe, Germany, Australia and Canada are SCP certified.

In its Endpoint Security Decision Matrix, only Sophos appeared regularly across most of Ovum’s “dimensions” in the customer satisfaction survey, with “outstanding” customer satisfaction ratings for support and service. Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec and Trend received “mediocre” ratings across most dimensions.

Comprehensive security for users and data

One license includes complete security across all your platforms. With our Enduser Protection Bundles, all of your end users AND all their devices—no matter how many they use—are protected. Get endpoint security, mobile device management, web protection, protection for your data and email, and more—all in a single license. Plus, you get 24/7 support, home use, and free updates and upgrades.

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