How to Buy

Three simple steps will get you complete web protection that fits your business:

  • Choose Dedicated or Unified

    Choose a dedicated Sophos Web Appliance or Secure Web Gateway protection in our UTM.

  • Choose How to Deploy

    Hardware, software, virtual or cloud-based appliance

  • Add Sophos Web Protected Endpoints

    Add Endpoint Protection to extend your web protection to offsite users everywhere they go

You can read more about these steps below. And if you need help deciding what’s right for you, simply contact us or find a Sophos partner. We’ll both be happy to help.

Choose Dedicated or Unified

We offer two Secure Web Gateway product lines to best fit your needs.

  • Dedicated Sophos Web Appliances

    We offer a full line Sophos Web Appliances that will appeal to the IT Security Manager who wants a purpose-built appliance for web security with streamlined workflow and policy tools that makes administration easy.

    You can choose to buy a Sophos Web Appliance and license Sophos Web Protection alone or as part of an Enduser Protection bundle.
    Compare our Enduser Protection bundles

  • UTM Secure Web Gateway

    We also offer a powerful Secure Web Gateway integrated into our UTM appliances that will appeal to the IT Manager that’s interested in consolidating network security capabilities and managing them with a single console.

    When buying a UTM appliance you get the flexibility to license our protection modules individually. Or, you can choose one of our pre-packaged licenses. For secure web gateway protection, you’ll need to license UTM Web Protection. You can buy this module alone, in combination with other UTM modules or get it as part of the Next-Gen Firewall or FullGuard licenses.

Modules Next-Gen Firewall BasicGuard FullGuard
Essential Firewall – Free Network Firewall, NAT, Native Windows Remote Access

Full Full Full
Network Protection Advanced Threat Protection, IPSec/SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention, DoS Protection

Full Basic Full
Web Protection URL Filtering, Application Control, Dual Engine Antivirus

Full Basic Full
Email Protection Anti-spam, Email Encryption and DLP, Dual Engine Antivirus

Optional Basic Full
Wireless Protection Wireless Controller, Multi-SSID Support, Captive Portal

Optional Basic Full
Webserver Protection Web Application Firewall, Reverse Proxy, Antivirus

Optional - Full
Endpoint Protection Antivirus, HIPS, Device Control

Optional Optional Optional

Choose How to Deploy

Choose the right appliance for your environment–is it hardware, software, virtual or even cloud-based?

  • Hardware

    A full range of hardware models are available in both our dedicated and UTM appliance lines that offer full secure web gateway capabilities to fit any business.

  • Virtual

    Dedicated Sophos Web Appliances are offered as a scalable VMware virtual appliance and UTM's are certified for use on VMware and Citrix, and also run on Hyper-V and KVM.

  • Software

    The Sophos UTM is also offered as a software appliance available as an image you can stall on your Intel-based server hardware of choice.

  • Cloud-based appliances

    Using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can run your UTM in the cloud. Or, you can use the Amazon VPC connector on the UTM at your office for secure and robust access to your Amazon-hosted resources. Learn more about Sophos UTM in the Amazon Cloud.

Add Sophos Web in Endpoint Protection

Sophos offers a unique way to extend your secure web gateway protection to your offsite users by integrating web protection into our Endpoint agent for Windows. Available with both our Sophos Web Appliance and UTM Secure Web Gateway solutions, Sophos Endpoints have full web security and control built-in to provide complete protection on the go. They connect through the cloud to your Sophos UTM or Sophos Web Appliance, obtaining the latest web surfing policies while providing up-to-the-minute activity reporting.

To include web protected endpoints with your dedicated Sophos Web Appliance simply choose the Enduser Protection Web and Mail or Enduser Protection Web, Mail and Encryption.

To add web protected endpoints to your UTM Secure Web Gateway, simply add the optional UTM-Endpoint Protection (with antivirus and device control) or add a license for one of our on-premise fully-featured Endpoint Antivirus Products.