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Kategorie: Kettenbrief Entdeckt auf: 08 Dez 2003
Typ: chain Aktualisiert auf: 08 Jun 2006


Der folgende Kettenbrief ist weit verbreitet. Der in dem Kettenbrief beschriebene Sachverhalt ist nicht wahr. Ein Premiumraten-Telefontarif von 20,00 GBP pro Minute existiert nicht. Gemäß ICSTIS (The Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services) konnte keiner, dem dies angeblich passiert ist, eine Telefonrechnung vorlegen, die diese Geschichte untermauern konnte.

Weitere Informationen über diesen Kettenbrief finden Sie auf der ICSTIS Website.

Der Text des Kettenbriefs lautet folgendermaßen:

We have received the following information from our security advisors on a telephone scam current operating in the UK Note it is as likely to targeted to work, home or mobile phones The scenario is:-

Your phone rings and you receive a recorded message; "Congratulations. We are calling to advise you that you have won an all expenses paid trip to <an exotic destination>.

Please press 9 now to hear further details."

If you press 9, you'll be connected to a premium line that bills in the region of £20 per minute.

If you press 9 and connect, even if you disconnect immediately, the other end will stay connected for a minimum of 5 minutes - at a cost to you of £100 - the message lasts for 11 minutes. The final part of the call asks you to key in your postcode and house number (which has other serious considerations) and then, after a wait of a further two minutes, responds with the message;

"Sorry, you are not one of the lucky winners." and disconnects, adding a further £260 to your bill! Unfortunately the calls are originating from outside the U.K. and as such BT and other providers are relatively powerless to act. The only safe solution is to hang up before the message prompts you to press 9

Sophos empfiehlt Anwendern, die E-Mail einfach zu löschen und sie auch nicht weiterzuleiten.

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