Sophos Anti-Virus SBE: Run-time log files

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Note: To ensure that you can see the files and folders described here, set up your 'Folder Options' so that hidden files and folders are displayed.

Windows Event Log (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)

Some information on Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition (SBE) events is recorded in the Windows Event Log. Examples include information on starting and stopping various services. Error messages are also sometimes reported here.

Sophos Control Center logs

You can view most logs by double-clicking on them. Where you need to view them differently, information is given below.

The logs produced by the Sophos Control Center are:

1. CertManager-[date]-[time].log

[Program Files] \Sophos\SCC\CertificationManager\Logs\CertManager-[date]-[time].log
On server computer only.
This file contains logs for the Certification Manager.
There is an associated file located at (also only on the server computer):
[Program Files] Sophos\SCC\CertificationManager\IssuedCert\CMIssuedCertificates.log

2. CMIssuedCertificates.log

[Program Files] Sophos\SCC\CertificationManager\IssuedCert\CMIssuedCertificates.log
This file contains a list of certificates issued by the Certification Manager.

Tracing in the Sophos Control Center is turned on and off from the registry, and can be set individually for particular components. Sophos technical support can advise you on how to do this.

RMS (communication system) logs

1. Agent-[date]-[time].log

[Program Files]\Sophos\Remote Management System\Agent\Logs\Agent-[date]-[time].log
This file contains logs for the management agent.

2. Router-[date]-[time].log

[Program Files]\Sophos\Remote Management System\Router\Logs\Router-[date]-[time].log
This file contains logs for the messaging system router.

AutoUpdate (update service) log

[Program files]\Sophos\AutoUpdate\Logs\alc.log

This file contains logging information relating to the update of system components. Alc.log will report the progress of, and errors for, each stage of downloading files and installing updates (i.e. everything that happens in response to clicking 'Update now' on the system tray icon).

To view the contents of the file, you should use the log viewer intended for the purpose:

  • right-click the Sophos Anti-Virus system tray icon and select 'Configure Updating...'
  • select the Logging tab
  • click 'View Log File'.

This option is only available to administrators.

The detail held in the log file can be changed by selecting 'Normal' or 'Verbose' mode on the Logging tab.

Sophos Anti-Virus logs

There are also log files for the Sophos Anti-Virus component.

Windows 98/Me

  • C:\Program files\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Sweep.log
  • C:\Program files\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\icload.log
  • C:\Program files\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\icsupp.log

Windows 2000/XP/2003

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sophos\Sophos Anti- Virus\Logs\SAV.txt

How to set up your 'Folder Options' so that hidden files and folders are displayed

Windows 98/Me

  1. Select View|Folder Options.
  2. On the View tab, select 'Show all files.

Windows 2000/XP/2003

  1. Click Start|Settings|Control Panel|Folder Options.
  2. On the View tab, select 'Show hidden files and folders.

Wenn Sie weitere Informationen oder Unterstützung benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an den technischen Support.

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