How to configure Challenge Response logging within the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center

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This article describes how to log events in the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

SafeGuard Management Center

What To Do

In SafeGuard Management Center:

  1. Go to 'Policies' and right-click 'Policy Items'.
  2. Select New | Logging.
  3. Give it a Name and description.
  4. Select which event to log, e.g. 2008
  5. The last 2 columns on the right refer to logging events to the database and events (click on the "?" to turn it to a tick).

Note: As of SafeGuard Enterprise 5.40, the following logging options are available:

  • Who created the Challenge? (ID 2007)
  • Who created the Response? (ID 2008)
  • Response with "display user password" created (ID 2083)
  • Response for standalone/virtual client created (ID 2084/ ID 2085).

Wenn Sie weitere Informationen oder Unterstützung benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an den technischen Support.

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