Only hieroglyphs are shown when trying to restore a kernel backup

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SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

Server OS

Windows 2003


When trying to restore a kernel backup, only hieroglyphs are shown in the Directory when browsing for the *.svf file.


If you want to restore a kernel backup which is not stored on the same media as the emergency tools, you will only see hieroglyphs after you have inserted the media with the kernel backup (no matter whether you use CD/DVD with multisesson mode or not). The kernel backup cannot be used in the boot area of a CD.

The application is a floppy emulation and all drives are started using MSCDEX, thus it is not possible to exchange the media. As soon as the media is removed, the drive letter for the floppy emulation is pointing nowhere.

If you want to restore a kernel backup to a system it has to be stored on the same media as the emergency tools.


SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk Wizard:
- Create an Emergency Disk using the SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk Wizard (incl. kernel backup) according to manual chapter "Creating emergency media and saving the system kernel".

Kernel Backup on a separate media:
- Boot from a Win98 start disk/CD and load CD-ROM device driver
- Insert SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk and start the Emergency Tools running SGEasy.exe
- Choose "Kernel Restore" and browse to the selection screen (due to the loaded CD-ROM drivers you see drive A: and additionally drive D:)
- Insert CD with the kernel backup and browse to D:
- Restore the desired kernel backup

Please note: This procedure is working as well with closed as with multisesson CDs. Should the kernel backup be stored within the boot area of the CD, please select drive A: instead of drive D:

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