Installation of SafeGuard Easy fails with error SGE1037

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  • Aktualisiert: 19 Mai 2010

SafeGuard Easy multi-platform 4.5x

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP SP1 Professional Edition

Server OS

Windows 2000 SP4


Why does the unattended installation of SafeGuard Easy fail with error SGE1037 (File install.cfg not found) ?


Even if you store the msi package, transform file and configfile locally and start the command line out of this directory, you have to write the whole path for the config file in the command line.

For the msi package and transform file (or migration file) it works to state only the file name.

e.g. you store the msi package and the install.cfg in c:\utimaco

Then you type in the following command line:

You will get the following error:

If you write the complete path to the install.cfg, the installation finishes without errors, e.g.:

keywords: sge

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