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Chet Chat 162 - Aug 29, 2014

Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin take a special look at a conference Chester just attended in Queensland, Australia. Sophos has supported this event, run by the Queensland Police, for many years, because it brings together security experts from law enforcement, online merchants, software companies and community groups to make a collective committment to deal with the question, "What is each of us actually going to do to help fight cybercrime in the next twelve months?"

Chet Chat 161 - Aug 20, 2014

Join Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin for this week's Chet Chat podcast, and turn computer security news into computer security advice. In this episode: Microsoft's blue screen of death woes; the future of Apple security patches; the risks of remote access; and a Russian MP's son arrested for online cybercrime.

Chet Chat 160 - Aug 13, 2014

Join Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin in the weekly Chet Chat security podcast. In this episode: Patch Tuesday; combining exploits; an Android virus attack; Foursquare opts out of opt-in; Facebook under fire; and Chester relives his favorite talks of Black Hat and DEFCON.